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  • Orlando Educational Article of the Month - How to Get Squirrels Out Of the Attic

How to Get Squirrels Out Of the Attic

Squirrels are arboreal animals, and they mostly live in trees, in the wild. When they live in the wild environment, they make nests with twigs and leaves. However, they can survive in urban environments as well because of their ability to adapt to versatile environments. They make their homes and nests in people’s homes, especially in the attic. For most of these animals, the attic may seem as a tree because of warmth and dryness it provides. The attic provides the squirrels with safety from predators. This makes it almost impossible for them to leave the safe atmosphere of the attic. This might cause discomfort to a homeowner because they chew on wires, relieve themselves on the attic floor, and they run around making so much noise.

How do squirrels get into the attic?
Many Florida squirrels are exceptionally skilled at climbing or flying and chewing. Squirrels are gnawing animals, which mean that they chew and gnaw so that they wear down their teeth. They may get to the attic by finding a soft spot on the roofing like a wooden surface, and then chew on it. They may bore a hole in the process and enter the attic through it.

The dangers brought by squirrels in the attic
The Orlando area squirrels chew on most soft surfaces or objects to wear down their teeth. This means that they may chew on the wires, wooden surfaces and objects, vents and lead pipes. When Orlando squirrels chew on the electric wires, they may make your house susceptible to fire. They may also chew on drainage pipes, although this is rare, and cause flooding in your home.

Ways to remove squirrels from your attic
You should always remember to keep all the access routes to your house closed. This is the most important part of our Orlando squirrel removal service. This includes the attic door which should be securely closed at all times when, not in use. If there are any holes in the attic, you should close them. You can use ammonia to remove effectively squirrels from your house by dipping several towels in ammonia and placing them in several places on the attic floor. You should avoid placing the towels near the hole, which the squirrels use to escape. You can do this for at least 2 weeks.

After they have left, you should seal the hole with a chicken wire mesh. This is because they chew only on soft surfaces but not on metal. Keep the area free from flames because, ammonia is flammable in such conditions. Traps are also effective in keeping squirrels away from your home. This is also a humane way of removing squirrels from your attic. It works well if you use a one way door trap. You may use bait like lettuce, apples, bread and peanut butter and carrots to lure the rodents in your home. If you capture some animals, you should make sure to carry them far away from your home. When you do this, the Orlando squirrels will find it difficult to come back into your home.

After taking the mentioned steps, you should clean your home and deodorize it. This reduces the chances of other animals coming into your home due to the scent left by Florida squirrels. Hire us if you need an Orlando squirrel catcher or trapping company.

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