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Orlando Snake Catcher, Reptile Expert

Tips on How to Catch Snakes
Have you been thinking of more humane way of trapping and feeing a snake that have been hanging around your basement, garden and other parts of your home? If this has been your challenge and problem, you are not to worry any longer as this article is dedicated to serve as succor to you. It is interesting for you to know that you need not to kill snake unless you are obligated to do so. In that regard, you should avoiding trapping the snake with the kind of trap that will kill it rather you have to select the trap that will keep snake safe until you reach where you want to free it to go. We never kill snakes in our Orlando snake control process.

What You Need To Know About Different Types of Snake Traps
There are different types of snake traps but not all the traps are designed to let the snake live after trapping or catching it. So, if you are looking for more humane way of getting snakes out of your home, you have to ensure that you select the snake trap that will preserve the snake until you free it somewhere to go. Some snake traps are designed with high-tech features which made them to be a bit more expensive than other. But if you do not have enough money and want to buy snake trap, you can still find some trap that are cheaper and less expensive than the high-tech traps.

Make Use of Glue Trap to Remove Snakes from Your Home
The glue snake trap is the popular most and commonly used snake traps in the market. This trap comes in large and small sizes and the trap normally looks like box. You are to keep the glue trap in the place where the snakes will likely follow to enter or live your garden. More so, you can set up y our glue snake trap in a place where you normally see the snake. Most glue snake traps normally come with already installed snake bait which will help to lure the snake into the trap. The snake will get stuck to the glue on the box when it craw on the glue trap. For you to let the snake loose, you have to pour vegetable oil on the snake but you must ensure that you take the snake and the trap to the place where they snake will not be able to locate your home after you free it from the trap.

Try Out a Minnow Snake Trap in Your Home or Garden
If you have lots of snakes to deal with in your home and you do not want to continue buying new glue trap, the best alternative you need is the Minnow snake trap. This type of snake trap is designed with wire mesh built in a cylindrical shape. The trap normally comes with hole at either end that invert inside the trap. You can easily put few eggs inside the trap to serve as bait and you will be able to trap the snake in it. You can easily buy Minnow snake trap at local shop around you without spending huge amount of money in the process as the trap is sold at cheap and inexpensive price.

Make Sure You Set Snake Traps In A Strategic Place to Catch the Snake
For you to trap snake in any snake trap you selected, you have to ensure that you set the trap in a strategic place where you have seen the snake before. Some of the obvious places you can set your snake trap in order to trap snake without wasting time, include your basement, garden area, the chicken coop or even in your attic. You need not to worry about camouflaging the trap for you to trap a snake all you need to do is to set the trap in a place with high trafficking of snakes. This is the best approach to snake trapping in Orlando.

Ensure You Check Your Snake Trap Often
For you to catch snake using your trap and preserve their lives, you must ensure frequent checking of your trap. Living your trap for a long time before checking it can make the snake to die which will be both unsanitary and inhumane. It will be unsanitary since the snake will begin to rots once it is died. That is among the reasons why constant checking of your snake trap is very important. Also, you have to ensure that you deal with the snakes as quickly as possible when you get snake in your trap but there are some precautions you need to take while dealing with snakes to avoid being bitten or affected with the venom.

What You Must Avoid While Dealing With Snakes
One of the first things you need to know while handling snakes is to avoid touching them. This is due to the facts that some snakes are not comfortable being touched. For that reason, in order t avoid problem with snake you have to ensure that you avoid touching it for any reason.

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