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  • Orlando Educational Article of the Month - How to Get Orlando Bats Out Of the Attic

How to Get Orlando Bats Out Of the Attic

Bats are mammals, and they have characteristic webbed forelimbs. They are the only mammals in the whole world which can fly. Bats are commonly known to roost for reasons like hibernation and breeding. They mostly live in attics, in a home, and may prove to be difficult to remove. They love to live in areas where it is dark and safe. The attic is the best place in the home for the bats because they are least disturbed by predators, and they may get regular food supply in the surrounding areas. The best method to do this is by consulting a professional pest animal trapper. This may be costly but having bats in the home may pose some health and safety problems to you and your family.

Bats are known to bite humans when they are asleep. This is especially risky, because they carry the rabies virus. In case a child has found a bat in the wild and has been exposed to it, you need to consult a doctor immediately.

Methods of bat removal
Bats are very small and may fit in almost all the crevices and openings, in the home. It is also illegal to kill bats in the country, so removing them from the attic may prove to be a difficult without professional help. Despite this, you can have all the bats in your attics successfully removed. You can remove them by a method known as bat exclusion. In this method, you can use a one way exit tool to exclude them from the attic. The method is challenging, and only a trained professional with many years’ experience is allowed to carry out this operation. You can also use a fan to direct air to their colony in the attic. Bats do not like fast moving air because they cannot co-ordinate their movements in such a condition. You can also use flood light to light up the darkness in the attic.

You should avoid using an object like a broom to try to chase away bats from the attic. This will make them aggressive, and they may attack you. You should never hold a bat with bare hands, because you may never know if it has rabies. Once you find out that there are bats in the home, you should avoid staying there until a bat removal expert comes in. You should do so because bats can bite you or your family members. Their bites are so small and are often not painful and may go unnoticed. Never try to poison bats because it is illegal, and poisoned bats may carry a health risk to you and your family.

What to do after bat removal
When the bats are removed from the attic, you should start sealing all the possible entry points of the bat. You will ensure that your home is safe from bat re-entry. You should clean the attic after the removal of bats, because their droppings may have the lung disease causing fungus known as histoplasmosis.

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